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Dynamic Capsular Strain
A significant proportion of rear-end and front-end traffic collisions result in neck injury, and this can progress to chronic pain, and can radiate to the head, shoulders, and arms. Nerve blocks, injections, and provocative studies have demonstrated that the facet joints are often a source of pain, and that the C2/C3 and C5/C6 levels are those most commonly identified as painful.

This study used Occiput-C3 cadaveric specimens, and aimed to replicate the dynamic movement of the C3 vertebral during a front-end and rear-end collisions, and measure the global kinematics in the sagittal plane combined with the full-field 3D strain analysis of the C2/C3 facet capsule. The maximum principal strain and shear strain during dynamic loading were compared with quasistatic loading at equivalent C2/C3 intervertebral rotation. The results of this study have provided new data concerning the injury thresholds during such dynamic loading exposures.

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