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Insertion Torque and Micromotion Study of Dental Screws
The insertion torque and micromotion characteristics of a new 3.0 mm dental screw was investigated. The new screw was compared with a competitor product currently available. Two densities of Sawbones foam were used for the testing.

Insertion toruqe testing used various pilot hole sizes in both foam densities. The insertion torque of the competitor device was generally lower than that of the device under investigation. Statistical analysis showed the investigative device produced significantly less micromotion than the competitor device in 5 out of 6 foam density and load combinations.

However, the drilling protocol for the competitor product recommends a pilot hole size for the larger than that of the investigative device. It is likely that this would affect the micromotion under cyclic loading. For a direct comparison of the screws and the micromotion produced under cyclic loading, tests would need to be completed using the same size pilot hole for both screws. The results demonstrated that the new 3.0 mm screw is more stable than a competitor product when the manufacturer insertion guidelines are followed.

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